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    • Blogging for Dummies
      Blogging for Dummies

      Step 1: Write.� It’s been an ever-changing and fascinating trip so far.  I have visited Japan, South Korea and a large part of eastern China.  Of course, you wouldn’t know that from visiting this blog. During my time so far, I also had several important deadlines to focus on; namely getting all of my graduate school applications in on time.  Being the restless academic that I am, I was heavily focused on perfecting my submissions during the little downtime I have had.  Luckily the due dates have passed and I can begin writing all of my experiences on here. I . . . more →

    • Climbing the Great Wall of China

      A little after 7:30 am, a small group of around 15 people including myself were traversing the Beijing highways in a small bus headed towards Mutianyu, one of only a handful areas of the wall open to the public. I chose this location partially based on the recommendations of others but mostly to avoid the overly touristy and restored (but closer) Badaling section. “if you only want take picture and be done, go there.” Said Rick the hostel owner about Badaling. My intentions had always been to visit a more realistic unrestored part of the Great Wall, and while Mutianyu . . . more →

    • Merry Christmas from the Far East

      I bring you season’s greetings from behind the Great Chinese Firewall.  There is a governmental internet restriction which has blocked almost all social media sites, including restricting access to my own blog.  I am several blogs behind but I promise I will catch up while I am in my current location and post them via proxy.  I spent two very fast paced week long trips in Tokyo and Seoul.  Trying to catch all of the sights, foods and impressions leaves little time to present it online.  Luckily I have many great stories and pictures. This is me spreading joy in . . . more →

    • LA Exponential

      I arrived in Los Angeles with a lot of the preconceived notions many of us who haven’t ever been to California or its biggest city probably have. I assumed I would be landing and exiting through a terminal swamped by paparazzi who followed even the most mediocre of celebrities to catch them doing things normal humans have been known to do. Secretly on some narcissistic level, I even hoped to be confused for someone other than myself. I suspected that I would be greeted by beanie wearing hippies offering ways to get my medical marijuana license. Wine, Palm Trees, Movie . . . more →

    • Jumping into the deep end

      Deciding how to start one of my first entries for this blog is quite an undertaking, doing it while trying to relay my experiences in a concise and succinct manner is an even more difficult task.   Using words such as succinct is probably not the best approach. Traversing past grammatical inconsistencies and subject-verb disagreements, I hope you can value the journey I am taking as much as I do the chance to share it with you. For now, I can promise you insight into the adventures relating to my decision to give up a fairly standard and comfortable life for . . . more →